Powered by Parallel Works: CH2M’s Flood Modeller launches Flood Cloud

Parallel Works is pleased to announce the launch of Flood Cloud, an innovative new service from CH2M’s Flood Modeller Suite that enables users to seamlessly undertake flood risk modeling, at any scale, in the cloud. Flood Cloud delivers the on demand computational resource required to deliver the step change needed for better information on flooding.

Flood Cloud is a leading example of the power and scale delivered by moving modeling & simulation practices to the cloud. It removes many of the barriers to large-scale modeling and simulation – like access to scalable resources and the technical expertise to scale a study across these resources. With just a few clicks, users can access nearly limitless computing resources and the software licenses needed to run flood risk modeling studies at scale. 

Flood Cloud transforms the way flood modellers work – freed from the constraints of local computer resources, it allows us to focus on model set up and results analysis to enable a deep understanding of flood risk under multiple scenarios.

— Dr. Jon Wicks, Global Practice Leader – Flood Modelling, CH2M

Check out the launch announcement and learn more about this powerful solution on the Flood Cloud website