Tolerance Analysis with Parallel Works & 3DCS

Parallel Works co-founder Matthew Shaxted recently presented at the 3DCS user conference to share some of the exciting progress we’ve made to high performance cloud enable the DCS simulation software.

In partnership with DCS engineer Eric Kaphengst, and D.J. Gray, a Product Engineering Specialist from Magna Seating, we presented the new capabilities this Parallel Works-powered solution enables for users.  In addition to seeing significant speedups, offloading the simulation runs to the cloud frees up licenses for model set up and configuration.

To illustrate the potential speedups, D.J. shared his findings from a recent benchmarking study which reached between 50-70% speedups in time to solution for a given analysis!

Read more about the DCS user conference and this presentation on the DCS blog, and contact us to learn more about running the high performance DCS cloud solution on Parallel Works.