Growing the team: An interview with Joe Lohndorf

Joe Lohndorf recently joined the Parallel Works team as our Head of Sales. He brings years of experience working with customers to support their use of modeling and simulation tools, and is intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities in the market today.  Read on below to learn more about Joe and what drives him from both a professional – and transportation – standpoint! 

Tolerance Analysis with Parallel Works & 3DCS

We recently joined software partners, Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), to share some exciting news at their annual user conference. Read on to learn more about this exciting tolerance analysis solution… 

Powered by Parallel Works: CH2M’s Flood Cloud

Launching later this year, Flood Cloud is an innovative service from CH2M that enables users to seamlessly undertake flood risk modeling, at any scale, in the cloud. Powered by Parallel Works, it provides users of CH2M’s Flood Modeller Pro and Flood Modeller Free software with a new way to run flood models.

Why Work for Parallel Works? Top 3 Reasons to Join the Parallel Works Team

If you’re on the fence about applying, or just curious about what makes us tick, here are the top three reasons why we think Parallel Works is an exciting opportunity for your next career move – which, not so coincidentally, are also the same reasons that keep us showing up to work each and every day.

Employee Interview: Ariel Jackson

Today’s interview is with Ariel Jackson, an upcoming junior at The University of Chicago. Ariel is majoring in Math and Computer Science, and is a Software Engineering Summer Intern at Parallel Works.

Employee Interview: Tuneer De

Today, we interview Tuneer De, our Summer Business Analyst Intern. Tuneer is an upcoming junior at The University of Chicago, where he is majoring in Economics and Statistics.

Parallel Works at the OpenFOAM Workshop

Parallel Works President and co-founder, Matthew Shaxted, recently joined our partners, Engys LTD, at the 2016 the OpenFOAM Workshop in Guimarães, Portugal. It was a gathering of both academic and industrial users of the popular open source CFD application, and we were thrilled to be joining alongside Engys to share a preview of what we’ve been working on together.  

Parallel Works and Solemma preview Diva4Cloud

Parallel Works recently hosted a webinar with partners Solemma, the makers of Diva-for-Rhino, to preview the forthcoming Diva cloud solution powered by Parallel Works.

Check out a recording of the presentation where Parallel Works co-founder and President, Matthew Shaxted, and Solemma VP of Product Jon Sargent unveil the solution. They’re joined by Neil Katz, an Associate at SOM, who shared a series of case studies to showcase how this solution can be applied in real-world scenarios. Together, the trio demonstrate the power of the Diva4Cloud solution and answered users’ questions.