Powered by Parallel Works: CH2M’s Flood Cloud

We are excited to share an update on one of our exciting collaborations with leading software provider, Flood Modeller from CH2M. Both teams have been hard at work building the integration to give Flood Modeller users access to powerful cloud computing capabilities.

Launching later this year, Flood Cloud is an innovative service from CH2M that enables users to seamlessly undertake flood risk modeling, at any scale, in the cloud. It provides users of CH2M’s Flood Modeller Pro and Flood Modeller Free software with a new way to run flood models.

Flood Cloud is powered by Parallel Works. Our platform supplies the on demand computational resource required to deliver the step change needed for better information on flooding.

With the growing concerns of flood risk, we recognize the increasing importance of flood risk management. Flood Cloud helps to better inform users by enabling them to run more scenarios, ask more thorough questions, and deliver answers more quickly.

Learn more about CH2M’s Flood Modeller and Flood Cloud solution here.