Why Work for Parallel Works? Top 3 Reasons to Join the Parallel Works Team

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely because you’re either considering applying to one of our job posts, or you’ve already applied and are doing some homework.

So it’s likely that you already know our news: WE’RE HIRING!

We’re shouting it from the rooftops because we’re so excited to start growing our team. This is exciting for many reasons. It’s a big milestone for us to be hiring, as it’s an indication of success. Not only have we closed our financing, but our customer opportunities have grown and there is a huge need for more people to jump in and help to build up the technology and grow the business.

If you’re on the fence, or just curious about what makes us tick, here are the top three reasons why we think Parallel Works is an exciting opportunity for your next career move – which, not so coincidentally, are also the same reasons that keep us showing up to work each and every day.

Drumroll please….

NUMBER THREE: Our state-of-the-art technology. Parallel Works is building on a leading technology from one of the country’s top computer science research programs at Argonne National Labs and the Computation Institute. The Swift parallel scripting technology is a robust computing model and we are taking this powerful technology and extending it – making it accessible to a wide audience.

This means designing new interfaces and access points, capabilities and controls. We’re also extending the capabilities of Swift itself and connecting it to a host of cloud systems that will be the foundation of the service. This architecture is not simple, and presents some very exciting and dynamic engineering challenges that will keep you engaged and energized while knowing that the core technology is proven to be best-in-class.

The advanced technology has enabled us to quickly build a stable and customer-ready platform with a reliable engine that stands up to customer use.  It solves hard problems and can translate to making a meaningful impact on our customers business.  

NUMBER TWO: The opportunity to make a real impact.  We are still the epitome of early stage, so you will be joining the team at a time when every decision matters. You will get a real taste for Startup Life. You’ll wear many hats and juggle multiple responsibilities. But you’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to the development of everything from sales to technology. This provides a unique opportunity to make a real impact and have your voice heard.

As we grow, you’ll grow with us. We don’t believe in pigeon holes, so as new role and responsibilities open up, we encourage checking out new projects, functions and teams.

While entering the waters of Startup Life may be intimidating, and as a young startup, our financial resources are modest, our knowledge resources are rich. This forces creativity and we’ve learned to be “scrappy”. But we’re also lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredible group of advisors, investors and mentors from the Chicago startup community that have helped us navigate these tricky waters. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the incredible team at Chicago’s Polsky Exchange, and the entrepreneurial resources at 1871, not to mention our advisory board of business, sales and technical leaders from across the Chicago area.  

NUMBER ONE: Our customers. They are doing some amazing things. We saved the best for last. We’re not even biased – our customers are doing truly incredible things. And we get the opportunity to get involved and help them along the way. From flood water management to designing innovative building technologies to ensuring we’re comfortable in our office on a sunny day, the work our customers do is truly awe inspiring. They’re not only building great and lasting companies, but many of them do work that makes a real impact on our global society.

Our customers view us as true partners in their efforts to advance their knowledge and product offerings. And we’re bringing the Parallel Works technology to bear on their problems — helping them push the boundaries of innovation and knowledge. It’s working on the varied customer challenges across industries every day that keeps work exciting, and knowing the impact that we can help them make makes it all worthwhile.

So join us in tackling big and meaningful problems for exciting and impactful companies. If you haven’t yet, apply here today!