Introducing the new HELYX-OS Cloud connection, powered by Parallel Works

Send your compute intensive work to the cloud for processing on flexible, state-of-the-art compute resources right from the HELYX-OS GUI.  All you need is the latest version of HELYX-OS and a Parallel Works account, and you're ready to start running your OpenFOAM cases in the cloud.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to set up and run your OpenFOAM cases in the cloud using HELYX-OS. Once you've signed up for an account, you can find in-depth documentation in the Parallel Works help center. 


Step 1
Install HELYX-OS
on your machine

Helyx-OS-Box (1).png

If you haven't yet, download and install the Helyx-OS GUI from the HELYX-OS GitHub on your machine. Once installed, you will see a new RunCloud button available as one of the launch options.


Step 2
Sign up for a Parallel Works account

Sign up for a pre-configured Parallel Works account using the link provided in the RunCloud interface, or via this link

Step 3


Navigate to the API Key tab in your Parallel Works Account page. Copy your API key and add it to the Cloud Run window in HELYX-OS to link the GUI to your Parallel Works account.  

Configure case & cloud settings in HELYX-OS

Configure Case

Create mesh and set up your case in the HELYX-OS UI as you normally do. Select the number of parallel processors you would like to run your case on, and ensure your Parallel Works resources are configured to match. 

Step 5
Launch case from

Solver Run

Once your case is set up and you are ready to run, go to Solver tab and hit the Run button to start the solver run in the cloud. The log file will be printed in the log panel and the residuals graphs will be displayed.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact the Parallel Works team